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Magellan GPS Support

Magellan is one of the most sought GPS navigation technologies and the creator of noteworthy Maestro and RoadMate series of portable car navigation products. Some of the noteworthy products of Magellan are Mobile GPS solutions including the Premium Car Kit accessory, and RoadMate App for iPhone. Further, the outdoor handheld navigation devices such asMagellan Triton and eXplorist.

How to perform Magellan GPS update?

Initially plug in the GPS to the computer to update Magellan

Make sure the plug is secured safely in the laptop socket

Then sign in to your Magellan account

Once your GPS connected, you can see the available Magellan map updates
Based on the data, the update will take some time to complete
Once downloaded, the Magellan map updateswill get installed in your GPS device
Similarly, in the GPS device, you can see a caution message like USB has connected to your device and follow the instruction from the PC application
During this process make sure you have uninterrupted internet and power connection available
Once finished installing the Magellan updateprocess you can safely eject the GPS device from your system
Then click continue
From the GPS device, you can check the update
In the GPS device, click menu and choose tools
Then use the scroll bar to select product information and tap on it
From where you can check the detailed Magellan GPS updatemap version
Screenshot (1)

How to perform Magellan GPS update?

If you are an owner of a Magellan GPS device then you will always reach your destination on time. You don’t have to worry about factors which could slow you down. The device has got all covered up for you. But, after 6 months down the line, you would have noticed that the device is not as efficient as it used to be. It happens because of the maps becoming outdated due to the always on-going construction. At that time, you need a map update.

How to Update Magellan Road Mate?

Initially setup your Magellan RoadMate GPS unit
Connect the system to Wi-Fi
Login orsigin to your Magellan RoadMate Account
Use the similar email and password for your device to register itself
This completes the Magellan RoadMate initial setup
You can download any Magellan RoadMate map update software available through a Wi-Fi
Click on the Settings icon on the Magellan map screen
From the notifications, you can click on the map update
You can wait for the new software or map to get downloaded

For more queries and doubts regarding the Magellan Road Mate update process, you can contact the Magellan GPS customer service.

What is called Smart GPS Eco website?

Magellan Roadmate is a vehicle navigation device that allows the driver to their area of interest. The updated maps can be loaded in a portable memory card. The updates of the Magellan Roadmate are in the form of GPS map and software.SmartGPS eco websiteis a website that is used to register the Roadmate devices. It is also used to update the latest version of Roadmate maps and software.

Screenshot (3)

How to register, perform initial setup process and update the Roadmate GPS devices from SmartGPS eco website?

On connecting to the Wi-Fi, the device will automatically perform Magellan RoadMate GPS update. If you have already performed the registration process, you can sign in with the same registered email address and password.
Initially register your device by creating an account for starting with Magellan RoadMate GPS update
Now turn on your Magellan RoadMate GPS devices
Then connect to the internet through a Wi-Fi connection
You can tap on the Blue Magellan button open the device dashboard
Next click on the settings, choose Account Profile and Register New Account
Then enter your account details
If you already have an registered account, you can use the same email and password
For more related information, you can refer to the user manual that comes along with the GPS device

For the Magellan GPS map update, you can navigate to the Then plug in to your Magellan Road Mate GPS devices to the computer with the USB cable connector. In the Smart GPS eco website, you can perform the device update. Now click on Update tab from the menu and choose your device from the list. Now, Smart GPS eco website will prompt you to download the latest version of Magellan Road Mate GPS update, an update version of the map and software available for your device. Still having query and doubts or issues with the Smart GPS eco or the Road Mate update, please contact the Magellan customer support executives.

Driver using GPS navigation in mobile phone while driving car at sunset

Magellan GPS Navigation

You not only get the most rugged, powerful device but also an intuitive navigational experience with the sophisticated software. After buying a Magellan GPS Navigation, rest assured that you are getting a bang for your bucks. We make sure that you are getting the best support for your device. New features are added to each device to make it better than yesterday. Connect your smartphone with the unit and get Live-services for added efficiency.

How to perform free Magellan GPS map update?

Initially navigate to the Magellan homepage and tap on the Support tab
From the drop-down choose Manuals & Software Updates option
Then, from the bottom-right corner, tap on the My Magellan is option and choose Magellan RoadMate Series
Next under select a model option, choose your Magellan device model and tap submit
In this step you can select between updating the map or software
Click the link under updates for software updation process
Then choose I want to download this update.
Next login to your account for Magellan GPS update
If you don’t have a Magellan account, you can create one
Now click Download Now option for saving the update to your computer device

Once the Magellan map updates gets downloaded in your system, open the file. Now click next twice, and then turn on the Road mate device connected to the computer with the USB cable connector. Next, tap continue in the Windows Signature box and click Next which will start the free Magellan GPS map update process. Once the update gets completed, click Finish.

For premium version, you can click the link under the Upgrades & Maps where you can purchase the latest Magellan map updates. Now, tap on Add to Cart followed by Proceed to checkout option. You enter the shipping information and provide the billing information to complete the order. Once your purchase got over, Magellan will send the updated and the latest version of Magellan GPS update/Magellan map updates to your registered mail id that you can download on any portable device and use it on your vehicle.

What is Magellan Maestro GPS Updateand how to perform?

Magellan Maestro is one of the Magellan GPS devices that come with a lot of start features such as live traffic news, FM radio, 3D landmarks, Bluetooth, and one-touch navigational menus. This portable GPS navigator comes with in-built maps for more than 48 states of US, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii.

Amazingly easy to use this Magellan GPS navigate to your device even in a blink of eye without much effort. The Magellan Maestro maps comes with more than 6 million pre-programmed points of interest which makes the driver to easily find the nearby restaurants, repair shops, gas stations, ATMS, hospitals, schools and more.

Magellan Maestro has the cutting-edge ultra-thin industrial design with learner-friendly intuitive design that can comfortably guide the driver through both voice and prompts for a feature-rich navigation experience at a highly affordable price. The buyers should keep in mind that the electrical plugs are designed for US voltage settings and power outlets. Hence, if you are not from US, you may need to buy an adapter or converter to use it in your destination. Always check the compatibility of the Magellan Maestro GPS device before making the purchase decision.

If you have the Maestro and wants to perform Magellan Maestro Map Update, kindly follow the below steps.

Magellan Navigation Update

We as a company always think about the users, to make the driving experience smoother it releases regular map updates. Map updates are released every quarter, i.e., in 3-months. With these updates, you will get the latest data about the changes in the roads, highways, streets, addresses and much more. Software updates are also published regularly. They provide a better navigational experience like faster searches, more responsive to commands. Our company recommends all the users to connect the device to the computer/ WiFi to check for regular updates.

Screenshot (4)

If you have the Maestro and wants to perform Magellan Maestro Map Update, Kindly follow the below Steps.

Initially navigate to the Magellan official website
Then select your Magellan maestrodevice model fromseveral update categories available for your GPS device
Now navigate to the Support menu then Updates tab and download the Content Manager Toolbox
Install this program to begin the Magellan maestro GPS updateprocess
Once you have launched the Content Manager ToolBox, connect your Magellan Maestro GPS device to the system
Your content Manager ToolBox will ask if you want to store back up in the form of popup with yes or no option
You can click Yes in the content Manager ToolBox
The installed program will automatically search for any Magellan maestro map update available for your device
If any update available you will be shown a popup screen to confirm the update process
Click yes in the confirmation screen to begin the Magellan map update process
Once your received the installation completed message, you safely eject the device from the system and remove the USB connector cable

Finally, update the Magellan maestro map update on to your maestro GPS devices. Also as a part of this procedure you need to update all the maps into your Maestro GPS devices. For that in the Magellan official website navigate to the support page, from there, you can check for any available updates under the Upgrades and Maps menu option. Now connect your Magellan Maestro GPS device with a USB cable to the computer system and tap on the available update links to begin the sync process.

Step 1

Remove your GPS device from the vehicle it is installed in. Connect the device unit with the internet-connected computer with the help of the USB cable provided with the device. After the connection is established, it will perform a check of the available updates.

Step 2

The list of available updates can be seen on your computer screen after powering on the device. Click on the updates which you want to install on your device. Always download the updates available for your device model. If you don’t know the model number, contact us on 312 238 9779.

Step 3

Wait for the download to finish, it takes a few minutes to finish. Transfer the updates to the GPS device after the downloading process ends. Do not power off or unplug the unit during the transfer process. After the transfer, install the device in your favourite vehicle.